Robust Solutions, from Private to Public Sector.

Capitol Presence develops innovative, agile and intelligent solutions for businesses and agencies of all sizes. We service both the private and public sector and are a Federal contracting agency, founded by former Federal employees.


Founded by former Federal Employees, we know the in’s and out’s of the Federal Government. We’ve supported Federal, State and Local Governments through Agile Development, Project Management, and operations within Veteran Affairs, US Courts, Department of Defense and Health and Human Services.


We’ve delivered top of the line, secure, and compliant solutions for some of the world’s largest companies as well as some of the countries top start-ups. We work with industry leaders and Fortune 500 companies to deliver innovative solutions that drive your business.

Founded by ex-Federal Employees

Our founders are ex-Federal Employees who ranged in experience and oversaw areas of Quality Management Systems, Policy and Legal departments, as well as Microsoft SharePoint development and Organizational training.