Meet Cloudette!

Cloudette is the personality behind our AI technology, built on AWS, but powered by pizza and video games.
Enable Cloudette Skill

Your meeting assistant

Cloudette built in your environment can integrate with Microsoft O365 through the Alexa for Business platform. This means she can help you manage your meetings, respond to meeting requests, and book conference rooms. You can even join the meeting by saying "Alexa, join the meeting.

Smart office integration

Cloudette can help manage your meetings and office calendars through Microsoft O365 and Alexa for Business capabilities. Integrate Cloudette to allow meetings to start with a simple "Alexa, start the meeting" command. We also offer conference room packages for a greater smart office experience.

Go Mobile!

Cloudette can work with Amazon Connect to bring voice to your business. Route customers, clients and support to the correct locations and routes, even solve their issues over the phone through Cloudette/Alexa powered speech commands.

Bring Cloudette to your Business