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    Work to Live, Don’t Live to Work.

    The work day no longer ends when you leave the office, accessibility to your work environment in any situation is why multiple companies are turning to Capitol Presence.

    This also means that our employees are able to work from where they want, whether that is a beach somewhere, the slopes of a skii resort, or a coffee shop in the city. We pride ourselves in flexibility and work to ensure our employees have that work life balance of remote working whenever possible.



    We Develop using Agile Methodology, Putting Accountability and Transparency at the Front.

    We practice what we preach and take full advantage of the cloud allowing our employees to enjoy life and work, knowing that we are not here to live to work but rather work to live. With Cloud evironments – accountability is created, so we don’t need to walk by your office to know you’re workind hard. We provide fast user switching solutions, giving users access to their workstation at the palm of their hand. Making the most of cloud computing and developing full scale CRMs and intranets that have the ability and the security to be accessed from anywhere you can find (secure) Wi-Fi connection.

    Our commitment to this goal is evidenced through our employee programs and continuing focus on putting the personal goals and career growth of our employees as a priority. Trust and accountability are placed at the forefront, with our daily Bricks being the driving force behind development.