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Why Capitol Presence

We love technology, and we like to think technology loves us back. Capitol Presence has lead the way in developing business solutions for more than 15 years in both the commercial and Federal market, helping organizations adopt modern principals and best practices. We spent years as Federal Employees ourselves - learning the inner workings of the Government and how it functions. We specialize in auditing, designing, developing, delivering, maintaining and training multi-award winning business automation services and solutions, changing the way you communicate and collaborate.

We have done the research, attend the top conferences and take annual training certifications to ensure our clients get the best knowledge and best practices available. We can't wait to turn our knowledge and passion into your business processes and watch you grow, go to market faster and be ready for anything staying ahead of the technology wave of Microsoft.

So wait, what do you do?

we're glad you asked...

We specialize in Microsoft adoption and Implementation to get your organization effectively into the cloud (Microsoft O365 or Azure) and ensure you are trained in Microsoft best practices, integrate and help your organization effectively identify use cases within your environment guided by classroom and online training. Want your organization to make the most of your Microsoft universe? We provide you everything you need to streamline business, saving you time and money.

Here are the steps...

Cut the "Hardware Cord" & Manage Your Business Subscriptions

We deep dive into your Microsoft environment and see what you are working on, how you work and the applications you use. Think of like the team who helps you cut the cord and manage your subscriptions.

Training & Best Practices

Next provide training and best practices that we have compiled over 20 years of cloud computing and Microsoft software to help your organization migrate through the Microsoft universe safely, securely and effectively. We provide our expertise from in and around the Federal Government and Private sectors to ensure you are running with the newest and the best practices.

Process Capture
& secure sharing.

Every good process has to first have a starting point. Our goal is for us to get you moving faster, go to market quicker and save money while getting more done. In order for us to do that - we need to capture and create the processes you currently run and where you want to get in the future.

Eliminate Waste, Push Buttons
& Save Money.

Get rid of your multiple applications that all seem to have the same function!. We help you automate business processes, consolidate your applications and eliminate software waste, saving you and your organization time & money. By the time you are through our process you have the ability to push a button and get work done!

Real People. Real Results.

  • Organized and diligent, Capitol Presence quickly learned the technology systems and software, attending optional professional-development courses developed through our organization. Roy is a hardworking, top-performing professional. He has my highest recommendation.
    Steven Mazzella, M.B.A
    Office of Generic Drugs
  • I love working with the team at Capitol Presence. They consistently deliver on-time solutions for our business needs. I will be working with them in the future.
    Brandon McMichael
    The Select Group
  • Working with Roy and his team has been nothing but a seamless process. From the moment Roy and I hopped on our initial call, I knew immediately his organization was going to make a major impact with our clients. He is always checking in and providing quality. His follow through is outstanding. I look forward to continuing this relationship as we grow together!
    Kelly Jones

Read. Listen. Watch.