We are here to help you with your COVID-19 Response and Readiness.

We have provided a list of resources and Lunch and Learns to ensure your organization, Education and family are prepared to respond to the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders. We realize that 89% of Americans are working from home at the moment, and we are here to support you.

Meet Cloudette!

Cloudette is our Alexa powered virutal friend who integrates AWS with our business applications and infrastructure, powering our office. Learn about how she can help you and your business (including how to enable her on your own alexa device)!.

So wait, what do you do?

we're glad you asked...

We specialize in Microsoft adoption and Implementation to get your organization effectively into the cloud (Microsoft O365 or Azure) and ensure you are trained in Microsoft best practices, all applications are integrated and help your organization effectively identify use cases within your environment guided by classroom and online training. Want your organization to take the next step in the Microsoft universe? We provide development and automation that streamlines business processes saving you time and money.

This means...

Communicate wherever

Increase teamwork and collaboration throughout your environment, automate your processes so you can get more done with less, and focus on the things that matter most to your business. Free up time, money and resources to help your business grow.

Training & Best Practices

We provide training and best practices to help your organization migrate through the Microsoft universe safely, securely and effectively.

FedRamp Certified
& secure sharing.

Join meetings from home, set reminders on any device, and bring the power of AWS Artificial Intelligence into your office and business all with the FedRamp certified platform, for the highest level of security.

Eliminate Waste
& Save Money.

Do you use multiple applications that all seem to have the same function? Documents in multiple locations? You're not alone. We can help you automate business processes, consolidate your applications and eliminate software waste, saving you and your organization time & money

Additional Solutions & Services

Get Business Done, in the Cloud you can trust